That last day shouldnt actually count. I am still at my parents house and dont want to say no to homemade applepie! 😛



Again I had oats and hot lemon water. Spelt oats mixed with soymilk, cinnamon and a  chopped apple. Heated up and enjoooooy.


For lunch  I had red lentil mash with carrots, onion and pine nuts. Cook 250g of red lentils in 750ml of veggy stock. Meanwhile chop the carrots and onions into little cubes.Preheat a bit of oil and cook the veggies until golden brown. In the end add some pine nuts. The lentils need about 25 minutes and turn into a mash without puree them, just stir regularly. I added a bit of chilli, pepper and kukuma for the taste. Now take a bowl, put in the lentil mash and top it with the carrots, onions and pine nuts ! NOMS.


My mum prepped the dinner so we had potatoes, leek and vegetarian bifteki.



Soo, after 4 days of detoxing (maybe lets say 2 as the last 2 days Ive been to my parents and cheated a bit) I feel so much more energized – The 3rd day I did cardio twice + bodyweight exercises, so 3h of working out! I stopped feeling bloated after eating, had a fresh mind and thought a lot about my eating habits. But the second day was the worst, I had headaches and crazy sugar cravings. This is a point I definately want to change for the next months. Quitting on sugar is so hard but absolutely worth it! The same with white flour. Really want to try to quit these two things as much as possible. Last but not least I lost about 1,5 kg. Maybe its just water, but it motivates me enough to stay strong and keep on! I can really recommend doing a detox to clear the mind about healthy food and nutrition, cause in the end you are what you eat. Eat crap – feel like crap. Eat healthy – be healthy.



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