Today I woke up feeling good besides some headaches, I slept like 8 hours and actually planned to go running. Because of the headaches I switched to some yoga and stretching. Over the day I didnt felt hungry or stuff which is really good and helps me to stay motivated and strong. BUT I do noticed how I wanted to have sweets, I mean like chocolate etc.. wow my mood went down… 😀 But I managed to concentrate on doing the laundry or working on the blog to forget about these cravings ^^. Actually this helped a lot. So I am about to learn that I dont need sweets 😀 Sounds strange, but for me its so hard to say no!


Before the yoga session I drank a cup of hot lemon water and the psyllum and healing earth mixture (+a huge glass of water afterwards) The I prepared my oatmeal. Just mixed some oats, with water and frozen berries and added some cinnamon fot the taste. Heated it up and thats it 🙂


For lunch I had the quinoa and veggiessauce from yesterday.


Before eating I drank another psyllum+healing earth drink. For dinner I already prepared the veggie soup but felt like having a huge salad. So I put salad, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum and mushrooms together. For the dressing I mixed oliveoil, herbs and pepper.


After dinner I craved something sweet so I had appleslices and peanutbutter. Earlier today I snacked on some watermelon 🙂


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