As you probably have seen on instagram I decided to do a little 4-day detox. Reason for this is me reading the book “Darm mit Charm”. Its a german med-student talking about the gut. A topic a lot of people are ashamed of to talk about. But she does this in such a nice and kinda funny way. I really do enjoy reading this !!! You should definately have a look if youre also into a healthy lifestyle (not quite sure if there also is an english version?!)

In one chapter she describes how the gut can influence the brain and the way you feel. Ive been struggling a lot with dizziness, nausea and being all at sea or sleepy. Ran to several doctors just to hear that im ok. Well but obviously Im not. This morning I got up for work. Everything was fine. As my shift began I wasnt feeling really good but thought this will go away. And it didnt – I felt dizzy, nausea, had shaky hands. Enough blabla ! Back at home I did some reading and the end of the story is that I want to do a little detox to reorganize the gut flora. Actually everyone should do this at least once in a year ! I do believe that this could help in a lot of health issues and I have never done a real detox before. So enough for this. Now about the detox! (Maybe I’m gonna write about detox in general tomorrow!)

I decided to do this until sunday, so the next 4 days. No meat, no dairy, no salt or sugar! (which means completely vegan – havent done this in year 😮 )

Day 1

First of all I wanted to have everything I need for the next days at home so I did some grocery shopping :


Veggies: 2 zucchinis, tomatoes, 2 onions, peas, spinach, carrots, leek, parsley, basil, mushrooms, salad, corn, cucumber, 3 potatoes.

Fruits: apples, frozen berries, peaches, watermelon, oranges.

Other stuff: quinoa, psyllum, healing earth, amaranth, oats, tomato sauce (watch the ingredients!! no sugar!)




I forgot to take a picture 🙁 But I had a greeeen smoothie! Just mixed spinach, handfull frozen berries, 2 oranges, 1 teaspoon psyllum and healing earth. If you add psyllum to this detox you have to take care of drinking enough water! After this smoothie I drank 2 glasses of water. For the rest of the day I plan to have at least 2,5l.


For lunch I prepared some quinoa and sauce (.already cooked some more so I dont have to prepare any lunch tomorrow). I chopped 1 zucchini, 3 carrots and 1 onion into cubes. Preheated some coconut oil and heat everything up. Then I added a bit of tomato sauce, kukuma and pepper. In the meantime I cooked to quinoa. SO TASTY!


I decided on having soup for the next  days in the evening. So I chopped carrots again, 3 medium sized potatoes, leek, rutabaga and parsley. Heated up 2,5l and cooked all the veggies in it. Added some pepper and kukuma. At the moment I do miss the salt in it, but I have to go through this now 😀

For snacks I had 1 carrot and 2 peaches between the meals. Before dinner I had another psyllum drink (mixed 200ml of water with 1 teaspoon of psyllum and healing earth). Psyllum can swell in the gut, which helps to free the gut from bacteria ,food leftovers and stuff. The healing earth helps to transport these waste products out of the body. You can buy both in a simple drugstore! 🙂























































































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